We are a well-established and recognized manufacturer of Halal value added meat products on the basis of chicken, turkey, beef and veal. We produce a variety of quality ranges of each of our basic products, notably; turkey delight, chicken delight, turkey and chicken sausages, beef and veal sausages, sandwich sausages and galantines. All primary materials and ingredients are Halal certified.

Aside our own brands such as Sultan™, Al Hadiyah™, Nasma™ and Mercan™ we also produce for private-label owners. Our products are brought to the end-consumer through our network in retail, trade, distributors and food service.

Moreover, we also assist customers in the creation of their specific product range. As well taste as packaging are entirely developed upon demand. We also offer a specific industrial range partners in need of a meat ingredients, namely manufacturers of pizza, sandwiches, salads, lasagna, … .

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